Making God's Story, Our Story! 

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The 2018 Theme for “Parables” Church is “ReThink!” I know many people who have given up on the church. Their reasons vary, many of the reasons are valid. But their reasons have nothing to do with the church. The church has embraced some traditions that are not biblical and are not healthy. But change is hard, especially when you don’t know what needs to be changed. There is a saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Is it possible we don’t know church? We know tradition, we know the law, we know sin, but we don’t know “CHURCH”

“ReThink” is an open honest look at the Church as we know it verses the Church in the Bible. Join us as we study the first church, by studying the book of Acts. This story set will cause us to ReThink our thoughts on missions, church, discipleship, etc. Hopefully by returning to the original church we can fix the problems created by focusing on traditions.

Join us Sundays at 11 am. 801 C Street Meridian, MS 393901
Join us for discussion and fellowship from 9:30 to 10:45

Join us Tuesday nights 6:30 pm Bible Storytelling in the Home 809 C Street. It is the house next door to the church.