Making God's Story, Our Story! 

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Lead Storyteller

Terrence Roberts Lead Storyteller/Pastor

I have been serving in some form of ministry for most of my life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at four years old. Growing up in a small church in Flint Michigan, I began leading devotion at a very young age. I first became aware of God’s calling on my life at 12 years of age, but it wasn’t until I was 33 that I surrendered my life over to ministry. A few years later with the support of our church my wife Terrey and I launched New Wine Ministries. It was a church supported by Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, the Lauderdale Baptist Association, and First Baptist Church Meridian, MS. We faithfully launched and served at NWM for 10 years before we attempted to merge with another church in our community. The merge failed and my wife and I some of the membership began to help a friend who was pastoring a new church. After serving there for 6 months, I began feeling God nudging me and my family to return to the mission field and re-launch our work. Before we attempted to merge our church, God had given me the vision to the Meridian area using Bible Storytelling.  Bible Storytelling is often used in the mission fields in other countries. The Bible Storytelling approach leads people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ through telling the stories of the Bible.  “Parables” Church is the fulfillment of God’s vision.   It’s funny that I missed the importance of storytelling, even though I have worked in the storytelling field for all of my adult life. I have been a broadcast journalist/photojournalist. I have worked in non-profit, telling the stories of the many agencies I raised money for them to operate. I have been a dad devoted to sharing my favorite stories with my kids. And 14 years ago I committed to God to tell His-Story to a world in need of a savior. And four years ago I became a professional storyteller, sharing folktales in schools, libraries, museums and to all who would listen.


For some strange reason I have always wanted to separate my storytelling, from my ministry. I felt that as an formally trained expository preacher/teacher stories were used just to spice up a strong three point sermon. But over the last few years God has shown me that the story is more than just a tool in a message, but that a well told story can be the message.

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